Eat Me While I'm Hott

Anonymous said:my crush just sent me a message saying 'fuck me' like idek what I should do?!

First off.. Do you want to fuck him?! Haha. Secondly, I think you should consider how you really feel about just fucking him because you like him. If you’re cool with that, then go for it! Send hints and be like hell yeah. But if you really don’t think you want to and you don’t want to lose him just be like.. In time, that’s a possibility? Idk. I suck at this lol

eatmelove said:Hello, I really hope I'm not bothering you! But would you tell your followers about my blog? I would completely understand if you didn't want to and don't. I love to follow back similar blogs :) Thank you either way sweetie! :)

^^^ Personally enjoyed your blog :) — Definitely worth the follow!

Anonymous said:Is it normal to cry during sex?

I can definitely see that happening! Mainly if you either enjoy it so much you are overwhelmed with happiness, or you could have realized you have extreme feelings for the person you were having sex with. Good for you either way, haha. 

Anonymous said:Are you a guy or girl?

I am a girl

Anonymous said:Do you accept sex stories?

Yes! You may send stories to the inbox and have them reviewed to post.