Eat Me While I'm Hott

larry-kissers15 said:Your blog is making me so horny I love it

Come on over to my blog anytime :P

Anonymous said:I'd eat you boo. First I'd lay you down, and kiss your thighs. I'd slowly rub you through your panties, then pull them off with my teeth. I rub you softly and slowly then shove two fingers in. I'll curl inside you until you moan, then shove my tongue in and roll it in you. I'd hum in you so you'd feel the vibrations. I'd suck you clit and finger you until you came on my face. Then lick you clean. After I'd tie you down and sit on your face and hope you'd return the favor ;) how does that sound?

Sounds like what I do to my girlfriend. Haha!

Anonymous said:How do you pleasure your self ? Im a girl and i try to and i dont feel anything

Have you tried toys?

Anonymous said:Is it normal for a straight girl to be curious about lesbian sex?

Of course it is. Having a label does not bind you to that. Some people like boys and girls. Do what makes you feel right! Or try it once and figure out if you like it enough.