Eat Me While I'm Hott


It might be on your body, but dont you ever forget that its Daddy property, and he’ll use it whenever he likes. Clear!? 

Anonymous said:How do you please a woman for hours on end?

Four play is the answer. Start super slow. Don’t let her get touched where she wants, kiss and touch and trace every outline of her before you even touch her vagina.

Anonymous said:Sorry to bother, but how would you make a girl squirt? I'm a new lesbian and my girlfriend wants me to have sex with her and make her squirt but idk what to do! Help?

I believe it helps to use movements. Tongue, fingers and you have to know how to move your fingers. Two feels great, and when you play with the clit and finger it can be perfect. :)

Anonymous said:Do you have any blow job tips? xx

Well tips from a few gay friends - “you have to develop emotion. Right hand at the base, your mouth on the end, and work him at the same time.” Hope that helps!